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  1. Marie,

    My name is Kylene Beers. I'm author of When Kids Can't Read/What Teachers Can Do and co-author, with Bob Probst of Notice and Note: Strategies for Close Reading and Reading Nonfiction. Bob and I are writing a new book and want to highlight how teachers have taken some of our strategies and are using them. We like how you've shown Somebody Wanted But So as it appears on your site. It's the one that has Somebody Wanted But So written in green across the paper. The first column says "The little girl" row 1; the aliens (row 2); the pigeon (row 3) and splat (row 4). We'd like to show this image in the book. So two questions - is this your image to share or did you snap it in someone else's classroom. If it is your image, would you give us permission to reproduce it. Drop me a note at Thanks. Kylene Beers