Saturday, June 24, 2017

Change is Good {a series of posts about my journey back into the classroom}

WOW ... it has been a while since the last time I posted!!

Last school year was cRaZy busy and full of changes!  To make a long story short... after 12 years of being in a literacy leadership position of some sort, I decided that I missed having my own classroom! I thoroughly enjoyed being a literacy coach, Reading Recovery Teacher Leader, and Literacy Specialist ... teacher/trainer/coach and all the training that I was blessed with in all of these rolls.

However, I began missing having my own classroom ... my own students ... so I decided to got back into the classroom.  I often was left wondering if I made the right decision ... well, let me tell you ...
I did!

Last summer, I enjoyed 3 weeks off {I had not been off during the summer in 5 years}. During that time, I enjoyed spending time at the beach with my family, relaxing at home, sleeping in and SHOPPING ... shopping for things I needed in my classroom!

Teacher's Pet ... My Favorite Teacher Store... I spent a LOT of time {and $$$$ here}
Classroom Decor Supplies ... for a Superhero Theme
I also spent a LOT of time in Barnes and Noble and Books a Million ... here are some
Additions to the Classroom Library "fun to read" Box
Adding to the Magazine Collection for Independent Reading
Superhero and Princess Books {motivation to read}
More Superhero Books ... they are going to love these!!
Flashlights ... for Flashlight Fridays {I am SOOOO happy I decided to purchase these}
Yes ... I really did NEED this for at home laminating!
My BIG splurge ... and I got 9 months of FREE ink too!! {more about that later}.
I ordered these online for birthday surprises ... they even have customized messages.
Motivational quotes for the classroom.
What were some of your MUST HAVE supplies {and other goodies} that you purchase in the summer??  Comment at the bottom ... I would LOVE to know!! 

I also enjoyed setting up my classroom ... even though I made a huge mess while cleaning out other teacher's stuff before I could move my stuff in!

I cleaned everything out of the cabinets before moving in my stuff and found a little visitor ... do you see him?
The video chairs were from my sons' bedrooms and the glider rocker ... from the nursery {23 years old} It got a makeover!
finished makeover ... painted black with new cushion covers my mom made and a borrowed super teacher cape!

And the best thing ... I loved meet the teacher / back to school night and meeting all my second graders ... I had forgotten how exciting it was to meet the parents and students!

This is Miss Judy, my TA ...I only get her an hour a day but it is a FULL hour of good teaching!!! (so blessed to have her)

Day ONE with the superkids!! {minus 5 that were camera shy}

Oh the excitement that was in my heart ... I can't wait to share some more of my journey with you!! That's all for now... come back soon to learn more about my journey back into the classroom!