Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Change is Good

WOW ... it has been a while since the last time I posted!!

Last school year was cRaZy busy and full of changes!  To make a long story short... after 12 years of being in a literacy leadership position of some sort, I decided that I missed having my own classroom! I thoroughly enjoyed being a literacy coach, Reading Recovery Teacher Leader, and Literacy Specialist ... teacher/trainer/coach and all the training that I was blessed with in all of these rolls.

However, over the last couple of months I have second guessed my decision ... wondering if I made the right decision ... well, let me tell you ... I did!

This summer, I enjoyed 3 weeks off {I have not been off during the summer in 4 years}. During this time, I enjoyed spending time at the beach with my family, relaxing at home, sleeping in and SHOPPING ... shopping for things I needed in my classroom!

Teacher's Pet ... My Favorite Teacher Store
Classroom Decor Supplies ... Superhero Theme
Additions to the Classroom Library "fun to read" Box
Adding to the Magazine Collection for Independent Reading
Superhero and Princess Books {motivation to read}
More Superhero Books ... they are going to love these!!
Flashlights ... for Flashlight Fridays
Yes ... I really did NEED this for at home laminating!
My BIG splurge ... and I got 6 months of FREE ink too!! {more about that later}.
I ordered these online for birthday surprises ... they have customized messages.
Motivational quotes for the classroom.
What were some of your MUST HAVE supplies {and other goodies} that you purchase in the summer??  Comment at the bottom ... I would LOVE to know!! 

I also enjoyed setting up my classroom ... even though I made a huge mess while cleaning out other teacher's stuff before I could move my stuff in!

I cleaned everything out of the cabinets before moving in my stuff and found a little visitor ... do you see him?
The video chairs were from my sons' bedrooms and the glider rocker ... from the nursery {22 years old} It got a makeover!
finished makeover ... painted black with new cushion covers my mom made and a borrowed super teacher cape!

And the best thing ... I loved meet the teacher / back to school night and meeting all my second graders ... I had forgotten how exciting it was to meet the parents and students!

This is Miss Judy, my TA ...I only get her an hour a day but it is a FULL hour of good teaching!!! (so blessed to have her)

Day ONE with the superkids!! {minus 5 that were camera shy}

That's all for now... come back soon to learn more about my classroom adventure!